MONÉ MEDIA is an international Marketing and Public Relations consulting firm dedicated to offering high visibility branding, comprehensive communication solutions and aggressive revenue-generating strategies for specialized and luxury brands.


our partners

As discerning as our clientele, MONÉ Media only partners with national and international products and services of the highest quality, to achieve impeccable representation and establish strong, long-lasting connections. Through dedicated teams and strategic partners, we represent clients in 6 core markets, specializing in luxury lifestyle brands and elite business-to-business relations.


a path defined by success.

Since 2008, we have effectively met the unique communication objectives of over 200 clients in 10 countries, through an impressive array of services. Our client base includes accounts in the following industries:


  • Health
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Architecture and Design
  • Luxury Real Estate, Law and Insurance
  • Exclusive Travel & Hospitality
  • Luxury Retail and Lifestyle brands
  • Automotive

MONÉ Media is international.

To learn more about our overseas consulting services for clients in Latin America and Europe please visit our international site: MONÉ Media International.

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